How do I  Live-Stream?


We are utilizing Zoom software to deliver our online classes.

This means that you can access our classes in two ways:


1) via the Zoom website on your computer






2) via the Zoom app

(download for FREE from the App Store on your smartphone or mobile device!)


You can access class directly once you register with the Zoom Link, Meeting ID and Password Emailed to you. 


Create a Zoom account for yourself using the app or  website, or use an existing one - you can do this by accessing the website listed above or via the app on your smartphone/mobile device.

There is NO cost to you to sign up for your Zoom account and it just takes a few minutes.



How do I set up my FREE Zoom Account?


Visit the website (or open the app), and you'll click see a blue button in the top right-hand corner of the page that says, "SIGN UP, IT'S FREE." Click on it! You will be asked to enter your email address - you can use any email address that works for you.


Once you sign up with that email address, Zoom will send you an email with the subject, "Please activate your Zoom account." Open that email and click on the blue button that says, "Activate Account." You'll then enter your first/last names and create a password.


Keep that password handy because you'll need it to access your Zoom account later!



How do I sign up for class?


Even though you'll be using Zoom to watch the classes live,

you will still sign up for classes the same way you always have - via MindBody


We are requiring pre-registrations for all classes at this time - unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests to join class at the last minute, due to the practicalities of utilizing internet-based technology to deliver our classes.


Registration will close 30 minutes prior to class time.

You will not be able to sign up for class after that time.





How do I actually watch my classes?


You will receive an email  with a link that you can utilize to watch your upcoming class. 


Once you connect, you'll be placed in a virtual "waiting room" and as soon as class is ready to begin, we'll admit you to the class. Place your computer monitor or phone screen in a place where you can see it from your mat.


You will be muted upon arrival. You can choose whether you would like to keep you video on or off.  You can see all participants in gallery view.  Speaker view features your teacher. You can access these on a mobile device by swiping. 

You will have the ability to access emojis to communicate with the teacher (ex: thumbs up or down) and you will also have the capability to un-mute yourself if you would like to communicate something to the teacher and/or group. 



What equipment do I need for classes?


The beauty of practicing in the privacy of your own home is that you can use anything you already have to enhance your practice! If you have a yoga mat and/or blocks or other yoga props, set them up wherever you plan to practice. No mat? You can use a towel or even just sit/stand on your carpet while you practice - just don't use anything too slippery.


You can use any kind of blanket that you already have instead of a fancy yoga blanket. If you do not have your own blocks, you can grab anything that you can use similarly - maybe thick books or strong shoe boxes. If you do not have a bolster, you can use a throw pillow or even roll up a simple towel or throw blanket! No strap? No problem - just borrow your dog's leash or even a belt!


Be creative, improvise and use whatever you already have to supplement your practice!

If you have any questions or need suggestions for other substitutions, feel free to ask!



How do I pay for classes?


All class payments will be handled via MindBody, using a credit or debit card.

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept cash or check payments at this time.


You can utilize your existing membership to pay for your online classes or you can pay for each class individually by buying a drop-in pass each time you wish to attend class.


Thank You


Your support and continued memberships while we all learn to navigate this new, uncharted territory together is appreciated more than you know!


We couldn't be more grateful that so many of our members are choosing to continue your memberships with us during this time! We are working hard to ensure that you continue to receive the quality services to which you've become accustomed.


Your membership dollars ensure that our teachers have opportunities to work, even through the mandatory suspension, and that our studio community will continue to exist when we are permitted to reopen the physical studio. Your support now ensures that we will be able to reopen whenever that time comes.