Rise and Shine Yoga Routines
While you are asleep you are under the care of three energies: magnetic, electric and
pranic (life force). These energies should be adjusted to t
Praana- The Breath of Life
Breath is the place to start The first and last things we do in this physical lifetime are to take a breath. Along with oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide
  Overeating — A Poem by Yogi Bhajan     Photo by Satsimran Kaur My dear flexible beautiful children,
The future and hope of tomorrow.
You will have v
THE POWER OF A NOBLE WOMAN ~To be very honest with you, a woman who is not a noble woman and who does not talk through her radiance, is not a woman. The greatest decoration a woman can have is
UPLIFT AND SERVE OTHERS ~“There’s only one thing which will bring happiness to you. When you humble yourself and serve others, th


   Akalsukh Singh2011-07-02_001_2011-07-3.jpg - KRI Certified Teacher

Akalsukh Singh is the founder and director of AquarianYoga Center. He is a K.R.I. (Kundalini Research Institute) certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and a member of IKYTA (International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association), which is recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Prior to becoming a Kundalini yoga teacher, he journeyed on many spiritual paths, including teaching catechesis in a remote village of a South Brazilian Island.

Later he studied parapsychology in Brazil at IPAPPI (Instituto de Parasicologia y Psicotronica), as well as metaphysics at the University of Metaphysics International and The Science of Universal Kabbalah in NY.

Akalsukh has been practicing meditation for years. He knows that this practice is essential to develop the real You, a true and magnificent spirit.
He incorporates the yogic lifestyle in his classes and programs. With timeless devotion to the spiritual teachings, he will be the guide, motivating to push you past your limits so that you may connect to the incorruptible principle which is your true essence: Sat Nam.

He has graduated from the first module, "Conscious Communication" and the second module, "Authentic Relationships" of the Level 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. He is currently in the Aquarian Teacher Academy and will soon be offering a Teacher Training Level 1. 

Meaning of name: Akalsukh Singh the Lion of God who dwells in a realm that is beyond time and space, and whose soul is filled with peace.
-Akal means beyond death, beyond time and space. -Sukh means peace. Singh means the Lion of God who walks with grace and courage throughout his life. Singh is a name that Yogi Bhajan gave to all men. He taught that every man has the potential to attain a true state of grace and courage, and he encouraged each man to manifest that potential.
Receiving the name Akalsukh Singh means that you can go beyond the limitations of time and space and
dwell in the infinity of your soul. You can relax and be at peace, because God is taking care of everything.

Yogi Bhajan favorite quote: "If your habits serve you and support you, exalt you and make you excel, you shall be successful here and hereafter. But if you serve your habits, you will be unsuccessful here and hereafter."


 Karolina__Bibiji.jpgKarolina Anastasoska (Sevakpreet Kaur) KRI Certified

Director and C0-founder

Kundalini Yoga has been one of the catalysts in transforming Karolina’s life. When life presented the most difficult of challenges, she prayed for guidance and help to gain courage, wisdom and patience. Soon she found herself in a “Yoga and Art” retreat, a Kundalini Yoga workshop.

The culminating point and answer to her personal prayers was when she found her teacher, Akalsukh Singh who became a illuminating guide.

Recognizing the power of this wonderful technology, Karolina understood she found the spiritual path she had been searching for but didn’t even know. Adopting the yogic lifestyle, Kundalini Yoga became not just a practice to Karolina, but a way of life.

Her classes are energizing, powerful, yet centering and calming. She challenges her students to give their best effort. Suitable for all body types and ages, all levels of experience and flexibility.  Read More... 


Yogi Bhajan favorite quote: “Your mind is your servant, your body is your vehicle and your soul is your residence.”


elizaneth_bio.jpg Dharamdhan Kaur  - KRI Certified

After many years of looking outside herself for love, approval, acceptance and healing, with her arms raised in desperation, Dharamdhan Kaur completely surrendered and prayed for a Teacher and a way back to her Self.  Kundalini Yoga soon presented itself with Bir Akal Kaur. “Close your eyes, look inside, all that you seek without is already within.” Tears of joy ran down Dharamdhan’s face with this. She knew she was on her way home.

Dharamdhan was blessed with the opportunity to take Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training under the Sat Jivan’s at Kundalini Yoga East in NYC. 

Dharamdhan has the intention as a teacher to always serve the highest good of the student. She is passionate about empowering people to see their greatness, as she has been graced with this blessing through Kundalini Yoga. She is committed to have the courage to live her dharma, to illuminate Home within, and to see God's Light in All.

Yogi Bhajan's Favorite Quote: “If you cannot  see God in all, you cannot see God at all.” Yogi Bhajan


Dee Andalkar (Prasadini), RYT-280

dee_anadalkar.jpgDee has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teachings of yoga for more than ten years. Her spiritual name, Prasadini, means Serenity, Grace, Gift from God. Dee immediately felt a connection with the energy, spirituality and crystal clear awareness yoga brought to her everyday life.  Her enthusiasm has led her to the roots of this ancient wisdom, where she studied yoga and ayurveda (sister science of yoga) in Pune, India.

Integrating teachings from her years of professional dance training, spiritual teachings, yoga, ayurveda and aromatherapy, it is Dee’s desire to offer the beauty which yoga holds to the opening of the heart.  She brings her passion for yoga to each class she teaches, hoping to inspire and uplift each student. Devoted to being of service to others, Dee aspires to help each student find and maintain peace of mind, body and soul.

Dee is certified from Yoga Synthesis 280 hour teacher training and Yoga Therapy training from the International Academy of Ayurved, Pune, India.  She has studied Ayurveda at the University of Pune, India.

Dee has also begun the practice of Kundalini Yoga.  She has realized that Kundalini Yoga goes straight to the heart of yoga and is excited and committed to be on this wonderful path.