Rise and Shine Yoga Routines
While you are asleep you are under the care of three energies: magnetic, electric and
pranic (life force). These energies should be adjusted to t
Praana- The Breath of Life
Breath is the place to start The first and last things we do in this physical lifetime are to take a breath. Along with oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, the br
THE POWER OF A NOBLE WOMAN ~To be very honest with you, a woman who is not a noble woman and who does not talk through her radiance, is not a woman. The greatest decoration a woman can have is
UPLIFT AND SERVE OTHERS ~“There’s only one thing which will bring happiness to you. When you humble yourself and serve others, th
WHAT IS THE AQUARIAN AGE? ~The Aquarian Age is dawning. The final cusp ends on November 11, 2011. There are many dimensions to the radical shift of this Age. People everywhere are talking abo


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All Kundalini Yoga classes are beginner friendly...  
Kundalini Yoga for Beginners
This beginner's class is for both new yogis and students who wish to review and connect with the essentials of Kundalini Yoga. The benefits of this class are the same as with any other Kundalini Yoga class.
This class is designed for those new to Kundalini Yoga and/ or are taking the first steps in their yoga practice. It offers the opportunity for a bit more personalized class, where you will be taken almost step by step, so you can grow in confidence gradually and surely. For those students with more experience, could also be helpful to review and correct the basics of the practice. The students in this class will enjoy an experience of Kundalini Yoga, a powerful yet simple meditation and a deep relaxation often to the sound of the Gong, silence or a sweet melody.

Kundalini Gong Yoga
Pranayam [breathing exercises] and kriyas [kundalini yoga set] or asanas are used to prepare the body and mind for a deeper effect of the gong bath. Gong Yoga has profound healing abilities. Immediate effects are common, since blood circulation is increased to bring in fresh nutrients, and will continue healing for days after the class. Students participating in multiple gong classes accumulate the most healing benefits. Recommended for releasing stress, clearing negative thought patterns and strengthening the nervous system. Eat lightly two hours prior to the session.


Kundalini Yoga & Meditation (most popular)
Kundalini Yoga is designed for the active person with responsibilities in school, business, work, family and the world. It can be practiced by anyone if it is done gradually and according to the instructions. Any person of any age, size and on any level of mental, emotional or physical abilities can benefit from this ancient practice.

As our society becomes increasingly technological, our world becomes more intimately connected and influenced by its numerous cultures. The pace of change is on the rise and the stress on our body’s nervous system is increasing.

The science of Kundalini Yoga allows us to tap into a technology that helps us cope with this escalating change. The inner science of the mind is the tool that will enable us to cope with the pressure of these changes. It is the mind that interprets our outer and inner worlds and it is the mind that we must train to guide us through the flow of change.


Kundalini Yoga for Women
It is your time as women to stand tall, walk in your beauty, live in your grace and be the divine leaders of the Aquarian Age and the generations to follow. The teachings we share in this class state that an elevated woman is 16 times more powerful than a man, and she sets the values of society as the first teacher of her children.

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Yoga Therapy (Hatha restorative)
The classical Indian practitioners classify people in 3 categories: Rogi; Nirogi; and Yogi. Rogis are dealing with illness. Nirogis have the absence of illness.Yogis are enjoying life. In my 20 years of practicing meditation, yoga, and body/energy work modalities, I have come to see that even those of us who do yoga are not necessarily 'yogis' by this definition. The truth is most of us could be getting more out of our yoga practice. And if you don't already have a yoga practice, then for sure you could be getting more out of your life! Yoga as therapy utilizes the powerful aspects of yoga to help bring the body and mind and all the intricate systems into a more harmonious balance so that the body can maximize its own natural ability to move toward greater health. Simple practices (not necessarily 'easy') will be utilized to build internal strength and vigor; to increase suppleness and flexibility; to balance out-of-balance states of body/mind. In time and with persistent practice, you will begin to see improvements in health and ease in living. You were meant to enjoy this life!
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Kundalini Yoga with Restorative Relaxation

Class begins with a gentle approach to Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. We complete our practice with restorative relaxation using supportive props to achieve a posture best suited to your individual needs. All are welcome to experience your true self in a safe, supported environment.