Rise and Shine Yoga Routines
While you are asleep you are under the care of three energies: magnetic, electric and
pranic (life force). These energies should be adjusted to t
Praana- The Breath of Life
Breath is the place to start The first and last things we do in this physical lifetime are to take a breath. Along with oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, the br
THE POWER OF A NOBLE WOMAN ~To be very honest with you, a woman who is not a noble woman and who does not talk through her radiance, is not a woman. The greatest decoration a woman can have is
UPLIFT AND SERVE OTHERS ~“There’s only one thing which will bring happiness to you. When you humble yourself and serve others, th
WHAT IS THE AQUARIAN AGE? ~The Aquarian Age is dawning. The final cusp ends on November 11, 2011. There are many dimensions to the radical shift of this Age. People everywhere are talking abo



Mother’s Day Special Class & Book Signing


Sunday, May 13

10:30 am-noon

Drop-ins, packages and all memberships are welcome for this event.


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"The Divine is known on Earth through the Mother"


Join Akalsukh for a special Mother’s Day yoga class honoring mothers. In this class we immerse in the creative and caring spirit of the universe.. We'll practice the Adi Shakti Celestial Communication as you surrender in the lap of the Divine Mother.


This class is followed by a book signing by KY student/writer Kathryn Livingston of her new, expanded edition of All About Motherhood,  “A Mom for All Seasons” and Other Essays. This charming book of more than fifty essays on the joys and heartaches of motherhood and the universal feelings all mothers share makes a great gift for both the new and the “seasoned” mothers in your life (or for yourself!). Join us for this special morning and get your personalized and autographed copy at a discount.  Read more...




“Treat yourself to this glorious compilation of essays about real mothering.”—Michele Borba, EdD, parenting expert and author.


“Regardless of subject, Livingston remains inquisitive, easygoing, and often witty”

--Publishers Weekly


“Kathryn Livingston’s essays distill all that we mothers know to be true about ourselves. Her witty, reassuring pieces are islands of calm in our hectic parenting world.” Abby Gary, editor, mother