Rise and Shine Yoga Routines
While you are asleep you are under the care of three energies: magnetic, electric and
pranic (life force). These energies should be adjusted to t
Praana- The Breath of Life
Breath is the place to start The first and last things we do in this physical lifetime are to take a breath. Along with oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, the br
THE POWER OF A NOBLE WOMAN ~To be very honest with you, a woman who is not a noble woman and who does not talk through her radiance, is not a woman. The greatest decoration a woman can have is
UPLIFT AND SERVE OTHERS ~“There’s only one thing which will bring happiness to you. When you humble yourself and serve others, th
WHAT IS THE AQUARIAN AGE? ~The Aquarian Age is dawning. The final cusp ends on November 11, 2011. There are many dimensions to the radical shift of this Age. People everywhere are talking abo
Saturday, November 30that 6 pmCost: $25pre-registered / $35 at the doorSign Up Now!

Saturday, November 30that 6pm
Cost: $30 in advance/ $35 at the door Sign Up Now!

Kirtan with Sat Purkh & Abhai Raj

Sat Purkh specializes in the Women's teaching of Yogi Bhajan and will be joined by her husband Abhai Raj for a devotional evening with Kirtan and meditation.

Join us on November 30th. Spread the love and create a few miracles...

sat_purkh.jpgSat Purkh Kaur Khalsa has been singing for as long as she can remember. Her journey with the sound current began many years ago and doesn't seem to have an end instead it has become an infinite quest for the anahat, or unstruck sound.

A student of sound for more than 15 years, she integrates the Naad into her music, teaching, and healing practices. She has studied with some of the great Sound practitioners in the West: David Hykes, Shanti Shivani, and Pandit Mukesh Desai and is also influenced by the Shabd Guru the sound current in the Sikh tradition. Her music focuses on using sound to move the body, the mind and the breath toward powerful transformative experiences that uplift the individual and serve the soul.

A writer, editor, poet, singer and songwriter and a pretty good cook too Sat Purkh serves as Editor and Creative Director of the Kundalini Research Institute. Sat Purkh has put out three albums of sacred music Nectar of the Name, Beautiful Day, and most recently, Queen Be. She has also authored Everyday Grace: The Art of Being a Woman, an introduction to women's teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

She lives with her two cats Fatty and Slim, and her dog, Vinnie.

Visit her website for more info and listen to her music: http://www.truebeingbeingtrue.com/?page=home