How the Brain Changes When You Meditate By Jennifer Wolkin By charting new pathways in the brain, mindfulness can change the banter inside our heads from chaotic to calm.  
Rise and Shine Yoga Routines
While you are asleep you are under the care of three energies: magnetic, electric and
pranic (life force). These energies should be adjusted to t
Praana- The Breath of Life
Breath is the place to start The first and last things we do in this physical lifetime are to take a breath. Along with oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, the br


Sunday August 19th~ 4:00 - 6:30 PM
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Clearing Negative Imprints of Past Relationships ~ A Women's Workshop

Come focus on the yogic teachings for women about "falling in love" and auric imprints.The imprint in the woman can last for years or even her entire lifetime; in males it is about one cycle of the moon.

Using the science of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, we will share techniques that help remove auric imprints from the past and strengthen the heart, allowing us to energize our current relationships while setting the stage for new, good feeling relationships in the future. All levels are welcome.

In this workshop I'll share a Power- Full Meditation to Erase the Auric Imprint of Your Sexual Partners and all kinds of past relationships with males. Yogic science says that as women your aura is imprinted with every man you sleep with and/or have an emotional involvement with. And she carries the subtle essence of that man for seven years and might carry it FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE. She carries his memory as an imprint in her arc-line in her aura. These imprints can impact her aura and can inhibit her search to connect with her own identity. These imprints disturb her projection as an individual.

"Being a woman and experiencing the powerful connection of yoga through the Kundalini Yoga tradition, I feel empowered to make my own decisions, connected to a higher source, present in my shakti energy. I feel that this tradition honors women and I will continue on this path........with my heart! Thank you for a wonderful journey. Om Shanti! Sat Nam!"  Dee~

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